Normandy, France

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Christofle was founded in 1830 by Charles Christofle (1805-63). Born to a family of manufacturers specializing in precious metals, he was 15 years old when he was apprenticed to his brother-in-law Hugues Calmette, a jewelry craftsman with a small family firm. In 1830, Charles Christofle took over the family business. He registered his master’s stamp for the fabrication of gold jewelry at the Garantie de Paris in 1832. Far ahead of his time, he relied on exports, especially to South America, for the growth of his company. Just 10 years later, this enlightened man found himself at the helm of one of the largest jewelry makers in France.

Christofle exhibits an elite sense of style and knowledge of current trends, which is infused into the brand’s home, table and jewelry creations. A perpetuating symbol of French lifestyle, Christofle renews its historical heritage by collaborating with artists and renowned designers to create stunning new pieces and to reinvent and modernize collections from its lauded past. Christofle has a “Silver Spirit” that reflects the brand’s exceptional knowledge of silvercraft and the meticulous and loving attention to the creation, quality and timeless elegance of all its pieces.

Founded 1830

Founder(s) Charles Christofle

9 rue ROYALE
79008 PARIS